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Based in our 17th Century office in the historic market town of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, we offer support during what is always a difficult time for any family. Taking the step to let your loved one go is an important one. We do not underestimate how significant it is that your wishes, and the wishes of your loved one, are honoured and respected.

At Destiny Ashes, we recognise that some families find the process of arranging a final resting place very stressful. You might have had a conversation with your loved one about their destination of choice, and put off taking them there – where does one even start planning? When am I going to find the time? What does the law say about transporting ashes abroad?

Offering a unique service, Destiny Ashes is here to collect, store and present your ashes in the way you have chosen. Along the journey we ensure they never leave the possession of your personal courier, who takes care of your request from start to finish. Destiny Ashes prides itself in setting the standard for integrity, ethics and overall detail of the service requested. With a personal package, we can give you peace of mind knowing that specific instructions have been adhered to, ensuring you get the results you or your loved ones desire. Whether you require a poem, bulb burial box, video or photo album, Destiny Ashes can meet your every need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the service that can be tailored to suit you.

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Helping you and your loved ones continue your journey.

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Depending on the chosen destination for such a service as ash scattering, we also offer an array of flowers, seeds and bulbs that can be buried at the site or with the ashes themselves. From Forget Me Not’s, Daffodils and Hyacinth’s, we can cover any request.

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Tending to graves and burial sites across the UK, we use our in house team of experienced and dedicated gardeners to keep sites maintained and looking beautiful.

We take care of anything and everything from headstone cleaning, stone washing, reseeding, bulb & flower planting, weeding, grass cutting and general maintenance of graves.

Presenting a complete package we can give you peace of mind and alleviate any worries, presenting you with before and after photographs of the site or service in question.


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In the UK and most other countries the regulations regarding scattering of ashes is fairly liberal although on occasion permission may be required. We will always seek to obtain permission or permit if needed.

Initially, the ashes are usually placed in an inexpensive container, with an option to purchase a more expensive repository or keepsake urn. The cremation ashes are only given to the funeral director or a nominated person on presentation of identification.

The recipient will also be given a Certificate of Cremation – a legal document including the name of the deceased and date and location of the cremation.

Issues to Consider when Dispersing Ashes

No requirement exists in the 1930 Cremation Act that restricts the scattering of ashes on ordinary land or in rivers; however, it is technically illegal to place something on someone else’s land or in rivers, without the owner’s consent.

Furthermore, the mineral concentrations in cremated remains can affect soils and the Scottish Mountaineering Council, for example, has asked relatives to avoid spreading ashes on popular sites in the Scottish mountains.

Spreading ashes should be avoided in the following situations:

● Less than half a mile upstream of any drinking water supply
● In any water used for commercial, agricultural or recreational purposes
● From a bridge over a river
● Around anglers’ site
● In windy weather
● Near buildings